App Development

We tailor products for clients including the development of an app. Freedom of participating in every stage is guaranteed, first and foremost, clients will be able to choose their own product functions. We highly value customers’ opinion in every way and will accompany them with our professional technical support. We also do not set any restrictions to the design.
The applications we developed possess different practical functions, such as:

Using well known platforms to login to the app such as Facebook, Google.

Login account
Online Shopping Platform

In 2016, an estimated 1.61 billion people worldwide purchase goods online. To further expand business market, we help brands to construct an online shopping platform as an app or a web. Users can shop products in a more convenient and efficient way.


Newsfeed enables company or brands to publish any news immediately on their app. A custom news feed can easily be tied with social media platforms such as Facebook. It will open up a new audience group to your products and services.

Chat Function

The instant chat interaction can be held between the company’s customers service and the users or among users themselves. It is a means of communication which will improve the users experience and convenience.

Push NotificationPlatform

Pushing notification on the bar is a popular way to remind and attract mobile users with the most updated information. Therefore, we harness it as a promotional tool, encouraging higher involvement of member or users.

Member System

We offer a member system facilitates more efficient and convenient management of members on the application. For instance, we will record your member information and tailor made the best promotional strategy for you.

More to Go

Of course, functions are not limited to the ones mentioned above. As long as you have your own ideas of how to develop your app, we will utilize our skills to fit your needs.

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