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MingPao, HKET – Presentation Ceremony for HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-ups

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These are the news article about the “Presentation Ceremony for HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-ups” from MingPao and HKET! In the news articles, they talk about the advantages of the project provides to start-ups. Joining the project facilitates the collaboration and communication between big companies and the start-ups, allowing start-ups broaden their network and grow rapidly with the guidance and support from big companies. HKQAA also rolled out a series of “Practical Guidance” with a view to minimize the business risk and the management efficiency in different aspects.

Thanks to the support and trust of clients and colleagues, Businsoft is now a officially recognized start-up and attaining more public attention and media exposure.The director, Mr. Rico Chan was enormously encouraged to go further and we believe that the project will bring us more potential clients and they will be assured that in the coming years, we will be working harder and harder for our valued customers by providing high-quality of solution and service.




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Hip Hip Hurray ?? Businsoft has won ”the Most Innovative Mobile Developer and Solutions” in the MEDIAZONE’s MOST VALUABLE SERVICES AWARDS HONG KONG 2016 Ceremony!!! It is so honourable to receive this recognisable award and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the customers, partners and colleagues. With all your supports, we are able to unleash our innovativeness to provide the best solutions for our valued customers. In the coming years, you can be 100% assured that we will persist our pursue of excellence while seeking breakthrough for attaining a higher ambition ???13072738_1173212276024192_2897824778639218216_o


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HKUST – Guest Speak in COMP4911

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Director of Businsoft, Mr. Rico Chan has been invited to be the guest speaker in the course COMP4911, which aims to improve students understanding of the industry and entrepreneurship, in the aspects of prospect and current status, on 22th of April. Rico grabbed this valuable chance to share his experience and knowledge in the field and made a mini English lesson on the preparation and ways to run a business and so on. The reaction and feedback of attendees and student were  strong and vivid, pushing up the learning atmosphere in the classroom. This was absolutely a great and unique opportunity as not many people are allowed or able to give a lesson or share knowledge with students in university and we hope and believe there will be more coming soon!




CUHK Science Career Fair 2016 – Career Talk

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Mr.Rico Chan, director and CEO of Businsoft, was once more invited to the career talk on 8th April. The topic was “Businsoft Career”. According to the definition from Wikipedia, the discrepancy between “Career” and “Job” is the former one refers to the journey of one’s study and life while job is not. From the talk, we wanted to bring in a thought-provoking ideas to audience by stressing the importance of human-based and humane management, which to be believed the best assistance to every colleagues of Businsoft to learn, to develop and to grow.

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CUHK Science Career Fair 2016

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On 8th April, Businsoft was invited by Faculty of Science of CUHK to the  Science Career Fair 2016. We set a book at the main campus, answering students’ inquiries. Despite the stuffy weather, many students came to our booth and handed in their resume and CV. Truly hope that and looking forward to have more and more collaboration with CUHK!12919658_10156767467900721_7680308640666923479_n

CUHK Science Career Fair 2016 – Career Talk(Entrepreneurship)

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Thank Faculty of Science for the invitation to CUHK Science Career Fair 2016! Our director Mr. Rico Chan was glad to grab the chance, sharing his entrepreneurship story with students in the career talk. The attendees were all very interested in Businsoft’s story so they asked many questions in the Q&A session, pushing the atmosphere to the highest point. By this valuable opportunity, our director and CEO got to know students’ impression towards Entrepreneurship and had a vivid discussion with those smart students. We hope that he audience would get inspired by the talk and were able to understand more about the industry.12924438_10156756615315721_2305650140573964000_n 12932739_10156756615460721_1756905774322152582_n 12417891_10156756615375721_4741556022417312863_n 12961692_10156756615385721_4338037646225655319_n 12439448_10156756615340721_8946886871907053841_n

Science Park Career Expo 2016

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We are honored to participate in the Career Expo 2016 organized by the Hong Kong Science Park. With our efforts and enthusiasm , we received a lot of inquiries from fresh graduates, their parents and people from all walks of life. We also provided on-site registration. At the end, we received over a hundred copies of the application form. Thank you everyone for the support. We will learn from the Expo ‘s success and continue to develop better solution that meets your need. We sincerely wish and welcome more talented people joining our team in the future!


Sharing entrepreneurship experience at HKSTP

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Thanks for the golden opportunity HKSTP provided! Our CEO, Mr. Rico Chan made a presentation at HKSTP (Hong Kong Science Park), sharing his entrepreneurship experience with audience. He was so glad that he has such a platform to tell his story since it has been a long but memorable journey, to run a company, Businsoft. Yet, the smart Businsoft team and Mr. Chan, we strive to work our best for every customers we encounter. We are remarkably professional in providing services including Web Systems, Mobile App Development, Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud Setting, online shopping cart and other professional software development. We are detail-oriented, aiming to develop projects with high quality to accommodate needs of customers. Businsoft, our greatest pride, your best choice, best partner!

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CUHK Engineering Job Fair 2016

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We have come to CUHK Engineering Job Fair 2016 and the response is overwhelming. Students are very interested in working with us making mobile apps. Our working atmosphere is also very attrative to them. We received over 50 application within 1 day. Thanks for the application for the posts. We are hoping quality talents could join us soon!

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