CUHK Science Career Fair 2016 – Career Talk(Entrepreneurship)

By April 6, 2016Latest News


Thank Faculty of Science for the invitation to CUHK Science Career Fair 2016! Our director Mr. Rico Chan was glad to grab the chance, sharing his entrepreneurship story with students in the career talk. The attendees were all very interested in Businsoft’s story so they asked many questions in the Q&A session, pushing the atmosphere to the highest point. By this valuable opportunity, our director and CEO got to know students’ impression towards Entrepreneurship and had a vivid discussion with those smart students. We hope that he audience would get inspired by the talk and were able to understand more about the industry.12924438_10156756615315721_2305650140573964000_n 12932739_10156756615460721_1756905774322152582_n 12417891_10156756615375721_4741556022417312863_n 12961692_10156756615385721_4338037646225655319_n 12439448_10156756615340721_8946886871907053841_n

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