Utilize the Technology of Face Detection

Businsoft aims to incorporate face recognition system with the use of mobile apps, in which the face detection algorithms will focus on the detection of frontal human faces. Unlike many similar systems, our developed technology requires only one image to be stored in a database and the instant images taken will be compared by selected facial features. It enables the app to accurately identify and verify a person, hence complete the action needed (ie. Check-in System).

 Smooth and Wide Integration

The current technology is versatile enough to integrate with other technological forms. It is used in many other industries.

High Success Rate

The technology of facial biometrics has come to a relatively mature state that it will be difficult to fool the system, only one picture will be needed to match with those within the database. In short, it is efficient and accurate.

case studies

Attendance System on Mobile

Allowing employees to check-in through mobile apps can enhance the security in attendance taking. Everything becomes automatic thus it avoids time fraud or any kind of misunderstanding. In order to be recognized as present, employees will have to undergo a process of three steps including GPS location, bluetooth identification and lastly face detection. The first two (ie. Address of the office and Bluetooth connection) have to be set up beforehand, then they will be automatically checked once entering the app. The last step requires users to face the front camera and fulfill the detection. If the image matches with the database, the process will be completed and attendance will be ticked.

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