Turn you a Happier Traveller with IOT Technology

Floatti, a huge success from KickStarter,  is a brand new idea of luggage that takes the stress out of travelling. We work with Floatti and create a mobile app that bridge the communication of luggage and mobile.


There is always inconvenience when we are carrying the suitcase, Floatti is trying to make suitcase smarter: not only meets the traveler’s primary aim of getting from point A to point B, but which also satisfies the desire for convenience, freedom, security and peace of mind along the way.


A mobile app is designed with the IoT technology, we connect the mobile app with the suitcase and tracker. Therefore, traveller can easily control the mobile with different hand-gesture on the suitcase handle, for example, double swipe on the handle for the next song, double tap for calling your love. Traveller can custom-made the action that meet their needs.

A Floatti suitcase also comes with physical trackers, user can tie them onto different things, suitcase, hand-carry bag, anything. When the alert is on and the tracker is out of a certain area, alert will be triggered. Meanwhile, user can easily locate and ring the tracker in the app, therefore, makes travel more convenient.

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