Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is the interconnection of softwares and hardwares, which helps to receive and exchange data using embedded sensors. Businsoft is staying on track with the technology but at the same time trying to break through with more creative ideas.

In Real Life Context

Businsoft has developed an app for Towngas using the idea of IoT, in which it is used to directly read the gas meter and eliminate the costs of bill checking. We also designed an app for FLOATTI which is a smart suitcase. In this particular design, IoT is implemented in the smart handle, as described in the official website of the product “…Smart Handle lets you operate a variety of common functions without having to pull out your phone, or even unlock it. Simply tapping or swiping the touch controls near each end of the handle will trigger customized actions as specified by you in the FLOATTI app.”

The above examples explicitly show how everyday use objects are able to connect with technological devices.

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