Seeking and Managing Workers with a Click

To speed up the communication process between construction supervisors and workers, KingKong is a job matching and management platform for both of the parties.


In the booming construction industry, it exists a huge market consists of different workers and foremen, therefore it takes a relatively long time to find the right job in general. The large amount of labor has also caused difficulty to manage on-site, very often there is no record and monitoring on workers’ punctuality. KingKong is here to solve all these problems.


The app enables foremen to contact construction workers directly through the app, informing them the details of the job offer. Workers can then decide if they wish to accept or forward it to other workers. This particular function enhances the efficiency of gathering workers, without it, foremen will have to call his former employees one by one. On top of that, foremen can supervise workers without being on-site as there is a build-in attendance taking function.

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