Tailor-Make Your Own Jewellery 

LASDF is an app for user to easily tailor make their jewelry. User can select different jewellery options, like the size, material, colour, ornaments, etc on the mobile, order and purchase the products from the app.


Andrew, the founder of a jewellery manufacturer company, came to us when he found it difficult for ladies to visualize the jewellery in their mind. “We mix and match hundreds of options, and create thousands of jewellery” he said. As a manufacturer, he found it hard to expand his market to customer, he wished for a ecommerce platform to reach to bigger customer groups.


Businsoft team came up with a mobile app with multi-selecting function. When user tab an option, the image will change accordingly, so that users can easily view the actual outcome. For example, after a user select bracelet, he or she can select the number of ornaments he or she wants, the ornaments style, bracelet length, material, etc., step by step to create a bracelet. It acts like a design software, but we make it with many photos. This creates a more realistic feeling to shoppers over the actual outcomes.


The app is launched in the end of 2017, and received mostly positive review. The app also get a merit award from SME Global which acclaim its innovative ideas.

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