MingPao, HKET – Presentation Ceremony for HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-ups

By June 7, 2016Latest News

These are the news article about the “Presentation Ceremony for HKQAA Hong Kong Registration – Start-ups” from MingPao and HKET! In the news articles, they talk about the advantages of the project provides to start-ups. Joining the project facilitates the collaboration and communication between big companies and the start-ups, allowing start-ups broaden their network and grow rapidly with the guidance and support from big companies. HKQAA also rolled out a series of “Practical Guidance” with a view to minimize the business risk and the management efficiency in different aspects.

Thanks to the support and trust of clients and colleagues, Businsoft is now a officially recognized start-up and attaining more public attention and media exposure.The director, Mr. Rico Chan was enormously encouraged to go further and we believe that the project will bring us more potential clients and they will be assured that in the coming years, we will be working harder and harder for our valued customers by providing high-quality of solution and service.



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