A System Simplifying Ordering and Delivering Process

Modern Dental Lab is a Shenzhen based company which manufactured various kinds of dental products mainly to Hong Kong. The application was created for the lab and its clients in which they can manage their orders.


Before the existence of the app, there was not a clear order and delivery system. Dental clinics had to call a postman to pick up their orders and took them to the lab in mainland.  After the order was completed, the lab would send the finished products back but without any tracking. Several cases of missing parcels happened and it gradually became a major problem for all parties.


To specifically deal with this issue, we developed a platform for the sake of convenience. Dentists are able to make their orders on the app and send them out immediately, there will be a unique QR code for every order. When the postmen arrive, the QR code will be scanned and every stage of the order will be recorded in the app. It successfully eliminates the chances of inaccurate orders and missing parcels.

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