We turn your innovative ideas into reality. We provide an all-around service to enhance your business.

We are here to provide services and widen business opportunities for our clients, develop new technology such as Blockchain, Face Detection and IoT.

Brainstorming & Market Research


With our sufficient resources and unique insights on the current market needs, your abstract ideas can be modified into an applicable project direction. Inform us your problems and we will come up with the most suitable solution in technical terms.


Studying users experience accurately and perfecting the user interface is our ultimate goal in the designing process. We produce user-friendly products with a more sophisticated UI which outshine other competitors with similar properties.

Launching Services

After the completion of the development stage, we can also help with the publishing process, like launching in Google Play and App Store or web hosting. Marketing can be rendered as one of the post-launch services, such as designing for Kickstarter.

Technical Support


Working as a professional team, we are able to provide clients with the most up-to-date technical suggestions, briefing them the latest trends and possibilities and how to make certain ideas work. No matter it is hardware or software, we attempt to satisfy clients’ expectations as much as possible.


With all the preparations ready, our team of developers will get their hands on front-end and also back-end programming. Clients will be updated in real time with a neat and step-by-step progress explanation. User Acceptance Test is essential as we hope to ensure that programming issues do not exist.


The whole series of services will include a maintenance period which we will be fixing any kinds of minor problems regarding the system after the launch. Based on your company’s needs, technical training can also be conducted. In short, we will try our best to offer help to all the technical problems, if any.

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