Enhancing Meter Reporting Efficiency with IOT

Businsoft has successfully developed a mobile app for Towngas, which incorporated Internet of Things (IoT) with meter reporting. The app enables citizens to check not only their own meter reading but also all the meter whenever it is connected to bluetooth. It has significantly enhanced the speed of meter reading process.


Over the years, Towngas had been sending employees to households and record gas meter manually. The disadvantages of such adaptation were high labour cost, time cost, complaints from citizens due to errors in meter usage data and management difficulty etc.


The objective of the app is to eliminate labor cost and time cost. The invention of the Towngas app has tackled the previous problems associated with meter reading, the process became more convenient both to the the company and the citizens. With the BLE technology, we can accurately and instantly report the reading with one click.

Push notifications are available to all users, they will be reminded to report their bills 3 days in advance. This digital process promises a more accurate outcome in the data collection and drastically reduced the costs.

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